thread, plywood, plexiglass

22”L X 22”W X 8”H

Visual experience is created through the eye’s interpretation of light waves reflecting off the fabric of our surroundings. To experience a space through the facility of vision is to understand it through its ever-shifting constitution of light, while the appearance of color is born of light’s varying wave-lengths. Light, and thereby color, are the fundamental elements of our visual understanding of a space.

Chroma is an examination of color as a dynamic spatial creator. Born from a chromatic analysis of the site, Chroma is a fully enveloping space in which shifting colorfields dissolve materiality and immerse the visitor in an ambiguously hypnotizing experience. Turning the notion of corner inside-out, its circular form constitutes an infinite corner, and its centrally rotating ‘hinge’ processes ad infinitum; a gradation intended to convey the passing of time, light and spatial conditions within the site.