Cosmic scopeS


steel, glass, LED, magnet, wool felt, walnut

scopes: 9”L X 1.5”W X 1.5”H
box: 13”L X 13”W X 4”H

This enigmatic box set is comprised of three functioning scopes: a microscope, a kaleidoscope, and a telescope, which expand from an identical form to reveal their respective utilities. The entirety of the set is imbued with esoteric symbolism, representing the synthesis of art, science, and mathematics within a cohesive body of objects. These visual instruments allude to the continuous spectrum that unifies the micro with the macro, and the mutual essential nature of fields commonly viewed as disparate. The telescope and the microscope signify paradigm-shifting advents of science, tools that vastly broadened our range of vision both practically and philosophically; while the kaleidoscope integrates the visual spectra of geometry and color. In succinctly embodying this range of dichotomies, the work generates a holistic metaphor.